International Women's Day 2024

Husam Juma
March 8, 2024

To the remarkable women shaping our world, our heartfelt prayers and warmest wishes extend.

This International Women's Day, we pay homage to the dynamic essence of womanhood, a force that seamlessly combines strength, resilience, and grace.

Whether you're a sister, a friend, a mentor, or an unwavering source of inspiration, today is a heartfelt tribute to your remarkable contributions.

Happy International Women's Day to each phenomenal woman, each adding a unique and vibrant spark to our shared journey, this isn't merely a day of recognition; it's a joyous celebration of your achievements, boundless compassion, and the indomitable spirit you bring to the world.

In this special day, we honor the memory of our beloved Aya Aghabi, her legacy becomes a guiding light for us all, Aya's strength, resilience and unwavering spirit who has dared to defy the odds, and pave the way for more inclusive and equitable future, her tireless efforts in service to our community, particularly for individuals with disabilities, exemplify the true spirit of compassion and advocacy.

Today, we rekindle her legacy by continuing to empower women and promote inclusivity in our ongoing pursuit of a better, more equitable world.


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