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Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center

Accessibility Features:

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Accessible parking
  • Valet available
  • Verified by Accessible Jordan
  • Accessible rooms
  • Roll-in showers

Accessibility description:

Landmark has ramps on nearly all stairways, including the main hotel entrance and to their outlets, to enable the passage of anyone with wheelchairs, also, for access to our famous royal hall, they have a specially made wheelchair elevator that can be used to ensure everyone has a way into the hall and of course special parking spots for those with disabilities. They have 2 accessible bedrooms equipped with lower furniture, accesible bathrooms with equipped toilets and showers. The room doors have 2 peep holes with one that is lower for those in wheelchairs and one of the rooms is also equipped with a light fire alarm, for those who have hearing-impairment. 


  • Hotels
  • Five Star Hotel
  • Hotel Serving Alcohol
  • Hotel Includes Bar & Nightclub
  • Hotel Includes Restaurant & Cafe
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