Accessible Horizons: Petra's Journey to Accessible Tourism

Husam Juma
March 5, 2024

In a pioneering initiative, Accessible Jordan conducted a specialized training workshop for tour guides, in collaboration with The Japan International Cooperation Agency and Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority.

The focus was on equipping guides with the skills to interact seamlessly with individuals with disabilities.

Additionally, a comprehensive on-site study was conducted in the Petra Visitor Center, the Siq and Khazneh areas, to identify the challenges and obstacles faced by individuals with disabilities.

The data collected provides a nuanced understanding of the difficulties encountered, enabling the development of targeted solutions to overcome and mitigate these challenges.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is dedicated to the continuous development of Petra as a prominent tourist destination, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of visitors, both domestic and international.

The aim is to transform Petra into a universally accessible and hospitable site, ensuring inclusivity for all, it is through such collaborative efforts that we pave the way for a tourism landscape that truly welcomes and embraces everyone.

The commitment to accessibility today sets the stage for a more inclusive and enriched travel experience tomorrow. 

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