"Camp for All" 2023

Husam Juma
March 10, 2024
Ms. Ghadeer Hamarneh, the founder of the Inclusive Jordan Initiative, and the organizer of the "Camp for All" camp presented the activities of the camp that lasted for five consecutive days and was held at Our Lady of Peace Center in Naour, with the participation of 18 people with disabilities and 12 children without disabilities.
The activities were implemented under the direct supervision of supervisors and experts who received a series of preparatory training before the camp.
Ms. Hamarneh emphasized that this initiative will continue to follow up with the participants after the camp, where they will carry home visits to the participants and provide psychological support to them and their families.
The ‘Inclusive Jordan’ initiative aligns with the National Strategy for De-Institutionalization (De-I) for persons with disabilities, particularly Article 4-H of the Persons with Disabilities Law No. 20 of 2017.
It was implemented with the help and support of a number of local community organizations.
Accessible Jordan held training courses for those concerned on how to deal with people with disabilities, in addition to the engineering and technical team preparing several ramps, sanitary units, and shower rooms adjacent to the swimming pool to provide accessibility for all visitors. 
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