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Champions Tavern Bar & Restaurant

Accessibility Features:

  • Valet available
  • Accessible seating (ex. not stools)

Accessibility description:

If you access the restaurant from the main hotel entrance, it is completely accessible. Just make sure to reserve a table ahead of time in the area with no steps to reach it if necessary because there is an elevated area with tables as well, as shown in the pictures.


  • Providing Internet Access
  • Serving Alcohol
  • Discotheques & Nightclubs / Clubbing / Pubs / Bars / Taverns & Cocktail Lounges
  • Including Bar
  • Seating, Casual Dining
  • American Cuisine / Restaurant
  • Mid-High 21-30JD
  • Smoking is Allowed
  • Has Outdoor Area
  • Screen Show, Sports Music etc
  • Credit Card Accepted
  • No Smoking Area
  • Bars Providing Internet Access Wi FI
  • Smoking is Allowed Inside Bar
  • Smoking is Not Allowed Inside Bar
  • Bar Has Outdoor Area
  • Bar Has Screen Show, Sports Music etc
  • Bars Accept Credit Card
  • Reservation Needed in Bar
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