Ahmad Al Masri

My name is Ahmed Al Masri. I was born without a disability but at the age of ten months I lost my sight due to a medical error. I studied at Al Noor School for People with Visual Disabilities, where I studied until sixth grade and learned Braille. I was interested in studying computer science when I went to university but due to lack of accessibility in my university I could not study it and had to study translation. I started to think about how to improve accessibility for the blind and more specifically, web accesibility. I started to read about accessibility and learned how to apply it so that blind persons will be completely independent in navigating from their home to the roads and work and assist in accommoding blind persons to be able to live their daily lives independently.

I have held many courses for the blind to teach them how to use computers so they can get any information they need online. I work to improve access to websites and technology so that they are accessible to the blind and easy to access by using screen readers on computers, smartphones and laptops by referring to internationally accredited standards and references. I have been working in this field for 3 years now and have joined the Accessible Jordan team as an Accessibility Consultant.